Accident claim industry worth in excess of £3bn a year

The accident claim industry in the UK, plagued by criminals and unscrupulous operators, is said to be worth in excess of £3 billion on an annual basis, experts say.

The Government has grown so concerned about what has come to be known as the ‘compensation culture’ gripping the nation, as it results in soaring insurance premiums prices as insurers pass on the costs of traffic accident claims to honest motorists, that it has actually made the announcement that it will be banning personal injury compensation claim referral fees.  Doing so will hopefully result in cheaper insurance policy premiums from a drop in traffic accident claims, says the Government, and now a smartphone app developer has come forward with a new free tool to make it harder for fraudsters to get away with murder.

2ergo, an award-winning mobile marketing specialist, has announced the launch of its iAccident app, which will allow claimants present at the scene of an RTA to swiftly and easily capture the important details needed to give their legitimate claims validity and also to reduce the amount of ammunition fraudsters have in their quest to pull the wool over the eyes of insurers.

The app will also be offered to insurers on a white label basis in order to permit those within the car insurance industry to adopt the app and customise it to have personalised marketing, branding, and contact information.  Instead of being linked to the main iAccident databases, the white label versions of these apps will be configured to interface with the individual systems of each provider.

Designed to place consumers directly in control of their claims and to make it harder for unscrupulous criminals, the new iAccident mobile app has been built from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible.  Accident data is captured accurately through the use of satnav technology, and as the majority of smartphones are fitted with digital cameras, the app will timestamp and record the geographical location of every photo taken before sending a report to a secure, encrypted server.

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