Boy wins medical negligence claim for devastating brain injury

A boy who sustained devastating birth injuries to his brain recently won his medical negligence claim, as his multi million pound personal injury compensation claim was recently approved by the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Alder Crescent, Luton native Ciaran Dill, seven years of age, had suffered oxygen deprivation during his delivery at hospital due to complications during his mother’s labour.  The young boy, who had been born at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital, suffered the lack of oxygen while he waited for nearly an hour before he was finally brought out into the open, with the family’s personal injury lawyers telling the courts that it was this delay that led to his debilitating injuries.

Now requiring twenty four hour a day care, little Cairan has no ability to talk or to walk, and his family launched the claim on behalf of the seven year old boy, stating that the staff of the hospital had committed medical negligence by improperly monitoring a heart machine during the delivery.  Ciaran was given a £2.1 million lump sum payment for his injuries by the courts, while he will receive index linked regular yearly payments for the rest of his life in order to provide him with the care and support he will need.

One Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust spokesperson issued an apology to both Ciaran and his family for the incident, for which the Trust admitted to being liable.  The hospital regretted the mistakes, as doing so led to ‘grievous harm’ befalling the seven year old.

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