Scout suffers injury, receives personal injury compensation

One young scout suffered injury when he was rugby tackled by his adult scout leader, resulting in the scout leader having to pay the young boy personal injury compensation.

One of the scout troops accidentally knocked over another young scout during a rugby game at a scout hut, accident claim experts recently reported.  Asking if the fallen child was all right, he helped the younger boy to his feet and continued with the game after ensuring that the young scout was attended to by his mother.

While the victim’s identity has not been revealed due to privacy and legal concerns, his personal injury lawyers told the court that the young boy heard Mr Ingram, his scout leader, shout ‘how would you like it?’ shortly before charging at him with his arms flayed and a wild expression on his face.

The court heard that Mr Ingram collided with the boy, ramming his shoulder into him in what could only be described as a move which would have been met with a red card on a rugby field, ending with blood gushing from the young scout’s nose and wrenching his arm behind him as he fell, causing severe pain to the young boy.

Mr Ingram, who has been asked to step down from his position as a scout leader, was told to pay £250 in compensation to the young scout member.  The former scout leader was also subject to a fine of £500, with an additional £800 in legal fees as well.

When given the opportunity to comment on the court case to the news media, Mr Ingram declined to do so.

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