Derbyshire worker traps both arms in machine, suffers injuries

One Derbyshire manufacturing worker recently suffered serious injuries to his arms and hands after he trapped both arms in a piece of machinery, accident claim specialists have recently said.

The fifty two year old worker, whose name has not been revealed to the media due to privacy and legal concerns, suffered two broken fingers, one twisted knuckle, and burns to both of his forearms, according to his personal injury claims.  The equipment responsible for his injuries, a large piece of machinery with pre-heated rollers, is known as a pre-preg machine.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the matter, revealing that the injured man had been attempting to clean the machine while it was still operating.  As he tried to do so, one of his gloves was caught by the machine and pulled into it, with the man trapping his other arm as he tried in vain to extricate himself from the piece of equipment, which resulted in such severe injuries that he could not return to work for a period of five months as he recuperated from the stitches and skin grafts to treat his personal injury at work.

Nottinghamshire based Amber Composites Ltd, the man’s employer, was brought before Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court, where they admitted breaching Health and Safety Regulations.  As a result, the manufacturer was given a £14,000 fine and also told to pay £3,603 in legal fees.

After the court hearing, one inspector from the HSE remarked that the incident could have been completely avoided if Amber Composites had complied with their duty of care to make dangerous moving parts inaccessible.

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