Six year old amputee’s father makes claim on her behalf

After a six year old girl had to have both of her legs removed due to a medical condition when she was ten months old, her father has made a medical negligence claim on her behalf against the NHS foundation trust of the hospital where the procedure was performed.

Less than a year old at the time, little Miki Lin Gau had been admitted to the Peterborough District Hospital as she suffered from multiple organ failures, a bleeding disorder called coagulopathy, and septicaemic shock.  According to the little girl’s medical negligence solicitors, medical staff had no choice but to perform a double amputation upon her legs in order to save her life.

Injury claims specialists writing for the Peterborough Evening Telegraph newspaper reported that Hou Chun Lin, the girl’s father, is making a compensation claim on behalf of his daughter, claiming that hospital staff had been negligent by failing to admit his daughter earlier than they did.  The complainant’s High Court Writ reads that the young child had initially been taken to the Peterborough District Hospital’s accident and emergency ward with a skin infection, but hospital staff declined to admit her, instead telling her father to treat her with paracetamol at home.

However, her condition had taken a turn for the worse the following morning, prompting Mr Lin to once more return to the hospital.  He was again told to return home, and it was only when he attempted a third time that his daughter was finally admitted, with the multiple organ failure and septicaemic shock she was suffering from responsible for the need for doctors to amputate both her legs.

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