Tameside man wins medical negligence compensation claim

One man from Tameside recently won his medical negligence compensation claim after a misdiagnosis as a schoolboy left him with permanent damage to his spine, accident claim experts recently said.

According to a recent article in the Manchester Evening News newspaper, Stalybridge native Liam Careless, twenty three years of age, had been only 12 years old at the time of the incident that led to his injuries.  Young Liam had been suffering from symptoms akin to paralysis in his neck at the time, which prompted Karen Roberts, his mother, to bring him to the Tameside Hospital’s accident and emergency department, according to the man’s personal injury claims.

Liam was given an x-ray during his hospital visit and was then discharged with a neck collar.  However, in the wake of suffering numbness and shooting pains for four years, it was found that there had been a misinterpretation of the initial x-ray and that the young man had been suffering from spinal cord compression for the entire time.

Liam has been suffering constant pain since his initial misdiagnosed x-ray.  Not only does he find walking a difficulty, as a result of an impaired sense of balance, he trips and falls quite often.

After discovering that his condition could have been remedied if he had only received surgical treatment in the wake of his original complaint, Liam made a medical negligence claim against the NHS Foundation Trust for Tameside Hospital.  The lawsuit was settled out of court for a sum understood to be in the six figures, which will aid him in paying for his future needs for rehabilitation and care, experts said.

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