Work accident claim filed by worker from Wirral

A sixty year old Wirral native has made a work accident claim against his employer after he was struck and injured in a forklift truck accident at a Trafford industrial waste company.

According to the man’s accident claims, the 35 tonne vehicle reversed into the man while he was going about his business at Collier Industrial Waste Ltd’s Trafford Park waste processing plant, located on Nash Road.  The sixty year old man, whose name has not been released to the public due to legal and privacy concerns, sustained several life threatening injuries in the incident, including internal injuries and multiple bone fractures, and resulting in hospitalisation for a term of several months as he recovered from these injuries.

In the wake of the man’s injuries, the Government’s Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the waste company site.  The HSE found that Collier Industrial Waste neglected to have set proper safety provisions in place to protect their workers from vehicles on the site, and that this failure on the part of the company had a role in the injured worker’s personal injury compensation claims.

The Manchester waste company was brought before Trafford Magistrates’ Court in Sale, where it admitted breaching health and safety regulations.  As a result, Collier Industrial Waste Ltd was handed down a fine of  £20,000 and told to pay £9,410 in court costs in addition.

The HSE inspector that had prosecuted Collier International spoke out after the hearing, stating that the man’s debilitating injuries could have been prevented all too easily if Collier had simply put inexpensive safety systems to make sure employees were kept safe from moving vehicles on-site.

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