600kg of smashed eggs leads to work accident claim

As if putting Humpty Dumpty back together again wasn’t a large enough problem, 600kg worth of eggs falling from the back of a lorry has resulted in one man from Devon to make a work accident claim for the injuries he sustained in the thousands of eggs raining down upon him.

Netwon St Petrock native, Phil Stacey, had been at a farm in Devon to pick up a shipment of eggs at the time of the incident, according to the sixty year old man’s accident claim.  However, as he was operating a manually operated forklift while attempting to pull the thousands of eggs into the back of his truck, he slipped, which caused the eggs to tumble down.

As he struggled in vain to stem the tide of 600kg of eggs raining down from the back of his lorry, Mr Stacey suffered a rupture to his shoulder. In an interview with personal injury compensation experts writing for the North Devon Journal newspaper, the man said that he had no desire to see thousands of eggs smashed to bits, which is why he had tried to valiantly to do exactly what all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t, even though he sustained such severe injuries that he had no choice to stop employment in order to seek medical advice.

Mr Stacey then decided to launch a work accident claim against his employer, which resulted in a protracted court battle as the firm initially refused to acknowledge the incident had ever occurred.  However, Mr Stacey has emerged victorious after negotiations with his former employer’s insurance company and has been the recipient of an undisclosed compensation award.

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