Hampshire bakery worker may make work accident claim

One Hampshire bakery worker may be making a work accident claim following an incident where his fingers were crushed in a machine used for moulding dough, personal injury compensation experts recently reported.

Beware accident claims caused by Christmas trees this season

While the warning might seem a bit odd, personal injury compensation experts have recently warned against the dangerous situations that you can get in to as a result of Christmas trees – and how some could even lead to having to make an accident claim.

HSE prosecutes firm for worker’s fall from height injury

Work accident claim experts recently revealed that the Government’s Health and Safety Executive has prosecuted a construction firm based in Yorkshire, and their sub-contractor, for a worker’s fall from height injury.

Pensioner wins accident claim, nets £160k in compensation

£160,000 in personal injury compensation has been awarded to one pensioner, after he made an accident claim for suffering an injury to his leg so severe that it necessitated its amputation, legal experts have recently reported.

Injured horse rider makes motorcycle accident claim

After a motorbike struck her horse and caused her to fall, one injured horse rider has made a motorcycle accident claim and looks poised to receive personal injury compensation for her pain and suffering.

Leading university may have asbestos exposure issue

One leading university is undoubtedly bracing for a flood of personal injury claims after the Health and Safety Executive prosecuted it for possibly exposing both staff and students to dangerous asbestos fibres.

Northamptonshire woman wins £28k accident claim

After she took a nasty tumble at the airport that caused her to abandon her holiday plans, one Northamptonshire woman has recently won a £28,000 compensation award for the accident claim she made against Thomson Airways.

Boy wins medical negligence claim for devastating brain injury

A boy who sustained devastating birth injuries to his brain recently won his medical negligence claim, as his multi million pound personal injury compensation claim was recently approved by the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Judge approves motorcycle accident claim compensation

More than six years after one Watford native sustained severe injuries to his brain and face in a RTA just down the road from his home, a judge has finally approved his motorcycle accident claim for a substantial amount of money.

Council employee falls out of bed, wins £5k in compensation

While it may sound like a a scene from an old episode of A Bit of Fry and Laurie, the more than £5,000 in personal injury compensation was recently awarded to a council employee after she injured herself by tumbling fro her bed while she attempted to answer her telephone.

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