Nurse struck by hit and run driver asks for accident claim aid

One nurse who was struck by a hit and run driver has asked for aid in her motor accident claim by asking any witnesses to the incident to come forward.

45 year old Michelle Ledden had been outside her place of work at Rochdale Infirmary when the nurse practitioner was struck from behind in the back in January of 2010, according to her traffic accident claim. Unfortunately, investigations into the identity of the vehicle which struck her – which Ms Ledden believes to have been an ambulance – have been fruitless.

Now, the Milnrow, Rochdale native has high hopes that witnesses will soon be able to shed some light on the matter as she continues her battle for personal injury compensation stemming from the injuries she sustained while she had been walking along the pavement on her way out of the infirmary’s car park.

Ms Ledden had her back to the road as she stopped to chat with a former A&E patient when she was suddenly alerted by her colleague’s shout to the driver of the vehicle, followed by a ‘huge jolt’ as the vehicle struck her in the back after mounting the pavement where she was standing.

In the wake of the incident,Ms Ledden has been suffering pain and back spasms so excruciating that the nurse practitioner likened the feeling to being struck with a cricket bat.   A member of her legal team remarked that back pain can be agonising for the sufferer, especially because it can flare up seemingly unannounced – something that anyone suffering from a back injury would surely know.

Ms Ledden soon found that her injuries were too severe to allow her to continue working, even though she had attempted to carry on with her regular duties as a nurse practitioner.

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