26 bus passengers make car accident claims in Belfast incident

Out of the 35 passengers on a bus that had  had been traveling in Belfast when it crashed and overturned,  26 of them have made car accident claims for injuries sustained in the crash.

Earlier this year, the bus jumped the kerb outside Central Station before careering into a wall, resulting in injuries to a total of 31 people including those outside of the bus.  The Transport Minister recently revealed number of passengers that have gone on to make personal injury claims in response to queries made by Irish lawmakers.

Personal injury compensation figures have been rising across the country, leaving many to fear that people have begun to exaggerate their injuries or even tell complete falsehoods in an effort to get easy money.  However, Irish lawmakers said that anyone injured due to an accident is entitled to seek compensation for any injuries they may have sustained during the incident.

The incident was quite shocking, legislators said, with few having any doubt that a large number of bus passengers have had to deal with not only physical injury but shock as well.  These passengers are entitled to make their claims and have them resolved in a swift manner, experts say, so that those in need can get the aid as quickly as possible.

The bus overturned on August 14 after mounting the kerb on its way towards Belfast city centre, according to official reports.  Once the vehicle toppled over, smashing on to the road, several passengers ended up flying from their seats, including several children, a baby, and a pregnant woman.

Hospitals around Belfast were soon inundated by injured bus passengers while emergency services fought to free the severely injured bus driver from the wreckage.

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