Judge makes mistake in personal injury compensation case?

A barrister defending a Leicestershire rugby club recently said that a judge was wrong in awarding personal injury compensation to a schoolboy who recently suffered a serious injury during a rugby game.

Jack Sutton, 16 years of age, was recently awarded £50,000 for his accident claim that related to his rugby-related injuries.  However, barrister Matthew Boyle, representative for the rugby club, said that the judge went much too far to find in favour of the schoolboy, as it would have been exceedingly difficult for anyone to spot the debris on the pitch that had caused his injury, even when viewed up close.

Stating that the judge’s decision was an unrealistic one, Mr Boyle said that his requirement of systematically and vigorously inspecting the pitch for items that may or may not have been present is simply not rooted in reality.  The judge’s decision sets a dangerous precedent according to the barrister, as it sets a standard of care that is simply too high to conceivably meet by anyone, and will result in more personal injury claims being decided for claimants when they may not be deserving of compensation awards.

In related news, a report recently published by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has drawn attention to the amount o compensation paid to those who find themselves on the receiving end of bar room violence on an annual basis.  A total sum in excess of £4 million every year was paid on more than 15,200 personal injury compensation claims between the years of 1996 and 1998, according to the data released by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority report.

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