Malt company employee considers work accident claim

After being involved in a malt grain silo accident that resulted in the partial loss of his leg, one national malt company employee may be making a work accident claim against his employer.

According to accident claims experts familiar with the incident, the worker had been attempting to clear a blockage at the Pauls Malt Limited Sidlaw Grain Store when the incident occurred.  The employee had clambered inside the silo only to slip, with the result of his legs becoming entangled within the silo machinery.

Both of the man’s legs were injured quite badly in the incident, with the final result of his left leg needed a below the knee amputation.  The man’s right leg was intact, though broken quite badly, which necessitated the use surgical plates to pin it back together, personal injury compensation specialists said.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the incident, discovering that the employee had not isolated the silo’s power supply prior to climbing inside the silo.  While the malt company had procedures put in place in the event that a silo needed to be worked upon, the HSE found that these procedures were inherently unsafe due to the fact that the site was completely lacking in any supervision.

The HSE successfully prosecuted Pauls Malt Limited in court, which led to the company pleading guilty to breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act.  As a result, Pauls Malt Limited as given an £8,000 fine for their part in the man’s injuries.

After the end of the court hearing, an inspector from the HSE commented that the incident only occurred because the company had not ensured that the work being performed on the silo was properly supervised.

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