London pensioner loses leg, makes claim for RTA

One London pensioner has made a claim for the RTA in which he lost his right leg after he was hit by a bus and run over in a bid for personal injury compensation from both the driver of the bus and the company that employed him.

Wembley native Edwin George, an eighty eight year old veteran who served in the Second World War, had been using a pedestrian crossing in Harrow’s College Road at the time of the incident, according to Mr George’s personal injury claims.  The bus in question, which was owned by Arriva, severely crushed Mr George’s right food in the collision, and due to the severity of the elderly veteran’s injuries, the decision was made by medical staff to carry out an amputation of the leg just below Mr George’s knee just a few days after the incident.

In a recent interview with the Harrow Observer newspaper, Mr George said that the results of the bus collision had been completely ‘catastrophic,’ as he had been both independent and healthy before the accident but now had no choice but to be reliant on support provided by his daughter and son in law.  The eighty eight year old pensioner has since made the decision to make a personal injury compensation claim against both Arriva and Mannivald Himma, who had been driving the bus at the time of the incident.

Mr. Himma has denied allegations that he had been driving with a lack of due care and attention.  The bus driver will be appearing at Hendon Magistrate’s Court in the near future.

An Arriva spokesperson was contacted in regards to Mr George’s compensation claim but declined to comment, citing the ongoing nature of the legal matter.

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