Family from Hertfordshire launches road accident claim

After their 12 year old son sustained severe personal injuries in a motorcycle accident, one family from Hertfordshire has launched a road accident claim for compensatory damages.

According to motorcycle accident claim experts writing for the Watford Observer newspapers, Chorleywood native Nathan Atkins, of Capell Road, had been travelling as a pillion passenger on the Honda Firestorm motorbike owned by his father when it collided with a Ford Fiesta.  Young Nathan was hurled from his father’s motorcycle as a result of the accident, blood seeping from his ears and nose, and was rushed to the Royal London Hospital for treatment immediately following the incident.

The 12 year old boy was then transferred to the specialised paediatric unit of the King’s College Hospital, where he was treated for more than three weeks as the injuries to his head healed.   Young Nathan’s family has since launched a personal injury compensation claim against Jenniver Slavik, the driver of the Ford Fiesta.

Ms Slavik, who lives in Carpenders Park in Leigh Road, was driving negligently, causing the traffic collision due to not keeping a proper lookout and driving directly into the path of the motorcycle, according to the family’s personal injury claims.

Mrs Slavik, who has already received four penalty points on her license and a fine, has already entered a guilty plea of driving with a lack of due care and attention.  The amount of compensation that may be involved in the personal injury compensation case has not yet been disclosed, but due to the severity of the young boy’s injuries, experts believe it could be as much as £300,000.

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