Woman seeks medical negligence compensation from dentist

One woman from Somerset has gone in search of medical negligence compensation from her dentist, after the medical professional not only extracted the incorrect tooth but then attempted to re-plant it after it spent two hours in a medical waste bin.

Kim Greed, aged forty four, told personal injury compensation experts that she had gone to the ADP dental practice in Wellington due to a painful infected tooth.  However, the wrong tooth was pulled by her dentist, Justin George, leaving her with the infected one still in her mouth.

Mrs Green, upon returning home, quickly realised the mistake.  She contacted the dental practice, who assured her that the tooth could be successfully re-planted and told her to return for additional dental surgery.

However, the Somerset native was suffering so much pain that evening that she was rushed to Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital.  There she underwent emergency procedures to remove both the re-planted tooth and the infected one.

According to medical negligence solicitors familiar with the case, the hospital’s dental surgeon was ‘appalled’ by the state of Mrs Green’s dentistry after the situation was explained to him.  As a result he reported Dr George immediately to both the General Dental Council and the local health authority, which suspended him in the wake of the incident.

After being informed that the tooth that had been extracted in error had been retrieved from a bin for medical waste which contained needles, saliva wipes, and bloodied tissues that had been used for treating several other dental patients, Mrs Green has decided to seek personal injury compensation from the dental practice.  Mrs Green had to suffer through several blood tests and a round of anti hepatitis jabs as a precautionary measure as well, while Dr George is still suspended until his disciplinary hearing.

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