Construction worker injured, considers work accident claim

One worker recently suffered injury whilst on the job at a construction site, prompting speculation that he may be considering a work accident claim for compensatory damages.

One thirty two year old construction worker, whose name was withheld from the media due to privacy concerns, had been ordered to hand operate a thirty four kilogram, one metre tall diamond core drill by his site manager, Matthew Saville, according to accident claims experts familiar to the case.  Unfortunately, shortly after the worker removed the drill from its stand and began its operation, the rotating core of the drill became entangled in blockwork, which caused the hand held portion of the drill to begin to turn, causing the construction worker to be spun about in a violent manner.

The incident left the employee with serious personal injuries, which necessitated him to be hospitalised for a period of 12 days.  Whilst in hospital, the construction worker received treatment for a double compound fracture of the bones in his right arm while he also received treatment for several cuts he suffered to his head, personal injury compensation experts say.

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation shortly after learning of the incident, discovering that the drill’s operating instructions stated quite clearly that it should not be used by hand.  As a result of the discovery, the HSE brought legal proceedings against the site manager for neglecting to manage the construction site that had been under his control in a proper manner.

Oldham native Mr. Saville, of Bridgefield Crescent, admitted to breaching the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations in an appearance at Huddersfield Magistrates’ Court.  As a result, Mr Saville was ordered to pay a fine of £3,000, with an additional £2,388 in court costs as well.

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