Worker suffers injury, may seek personal injury compensation

After suffering a crush injury to his arm while in the course of his work, one mushroom farm worker may be seeking personal injury compensation for his serious injuries.

Work accident claim specialists recently said that Polish national Krysztof Moskalik, aged thirty two, had been working for the North Somerset mushroom farm Drimbawn (UK) Ltd at the time of the incident.  Mr Moskalik suffered serious injury to his arm when it was dragged within a machine designed to clean nets.

While within the machine, its dangerous moving parts injured Mr Moskalik’s arm, which suffered widespread soft tissue damage and breaks  in two different places.  In the wake of the man’s injuries, the Government’s Health and Safety Executive investigated the machine, which specialised in washing the netting that covers beds of muschrooms, and found that the machinery’s essential safety devices had been removed deliberately.

The HSE investigation also found that Mr Moskalik had never used the machine prior to the incident in question.  Moreover, the thirty two year old had not even received any formal training on the proper operation of the machine.

North Somerset based Drimbawn (UK) Ltd, located in North Somerset, on Stock Lane, was given a fine of £32,000 for their part in Mr Moskalik’s injuries after the firm admitted to breaching regulations concerning the  Provision and Use of Work  Equipment at North Somerset Magistrates’ Court.  Drimbawn was also ordered to pay £3,624.59 in court costs as well.

One HSE inspector, commenting after the conclusion of the hearing, remarked that Drimbawn failed both Mr Moskalik and also the rest of its employees, as they could all too easily have become injured similarly.

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