Retired teacher receives personal injury compensation

One retired teacher recently received a personal injury compensation award after a foreign driver, who was motoring on the incorrect side of the road collided with her.

The West Midlands native received a five figure sum compensation claim, according to an article written by car accident claim experts recently published by the Worcester News newspaper.  Ann Roberts, aged seventy nine, had been travelling between Leominster and Ludlow on a B-road when Alain Le Den, a French motorist from Saint-Ave, collided with her because he had been motoring on the opposite side of the road.

Mrs. Roberts, of Battenhall, in Worcester, sustained severe personal injuries in the RTA, which included several fractures, broken bones, and damage to her pneumothorax.  The seventy nine year old was taken by the Midlands Air Ambulance to Birmingham’s Selly Oak Hospital to be treated, which involved having a brace affixed to her skull with screws in order to aid in keeping her neck properly in place.

The car insurance agency of the French driver has agreed to settle out of court with Mrs Roberts in order to provide her with personal injury compensation for the injuries she sustained in the accident.  While the exact settlement figure has yet to be released, industry experts believe it to be a sum in the five figures.

Mrs Roberts still suffers due to the incident, said Mrs Roberts in a recent interview.  Additionally, the elderly retired teacher now must rely much more on her family in the wake of the collision.

Mrs Roberts also stated that her experience would be a lesson to British drivers motoring abroad and foreign drivers in the UK.  She urged them to not let a single lapse in awareness lead to a tragic accident.

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