Student brings car accident claim against own grandmother

In an incident that is sure to make the family holidays a bit tense, one Swansea student recently brought a car accident claim against her own grandmother for £300,000 in personal injury compensation.

South Wales native Sophie Collins, twenty years old, sustained serious personal injuries in a RTA involving a Fiat Punto that her grandmother was driving at the time, according to official records.  The Fiat collided head on with another vehicle, leading Ms Collins to sustain life changing injuries in the traffic accident.

Ms Collins’ troubles did not end there, however.  After she was rushed to the John Radcliffe Hospital in the wake of the incident, she was then left with damage to her brain due to oxygen starvation in a treatment-related incident.

Now claiming personal injury compensation from her grandmother, Oxfordshire native Prudence Collins, of Benson, young Sophie has also brought a medical negligence suit against the NHS Trust for Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals.  Ms Collins’ legal team has claimed that the treatment she received in the wake of her car accident was substandard.

In an article recently published in the South Wales Evening Post newspaper, while the insurers of Sophie’s grandmother have already admitted liability for the incident, they have yet to come to an agreement as to how much compensation they will be awarding to the injured young student.  Additionally, insiders say that the NHS Trust has also entered into an agreement with Ms Collins’ legal team to award her compensation for the injuries she sustained as a result of her botched medical treatment.

Young Sophie has shown incredible amounts of determination and strength in the face of her medical issues.  Undeterred by her injuries, she is currently studying at the Swansea Metropolitan University for a psychology and counselling degree.

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