Medical negligence payout for popular close up magician

A medical negligence payout of £15,000 has been awarded to one popular close up magician in the wake of medics failing to notice a severed tendon in the man’s hand, accident claims experts recently reported.

Burbage, Leicestershire native, Kyle Summers, had been washing up when a cup shattered whilst in his hands.  Thinking his career had just abruptly ended, the forty year old rushed to the George Eliot Hospital in order to receive treatment for deep cuts to his thumb, medical negligence solicitors say.

According to a recently published report by the Hinckley Times newspaper, Mr Summers underwent x-rays of his hand in order to ensure that there were no shattered china fragments lodged within his skin.  Unfortunately for the close up magician, hospital staff neglected to notice that his tendon had been severed.

This severed tendon left Mr Summers without the ability to move his thumb, severely impacting his ability to perform the sleight-of-hand required of a professional magician.

Both a physiotherapist and Mr Summers’ local GP thought that the inability for him to move his thumb was the simple result of swelling.  Unfortunately Mr Summers’ notes were erroneously marked, indicating that he had an intact tendon when he had nothing of the kind.

Six weeks had passed before the close up magician’s true problem came to light.  Unfortunately for Mr Summers, his tendon had since deteriorated beyond the ability for modern medicine to repair it.

The illusionist was able to return to his work, however, after suffering through two painful surgical procedures and several months of physiotherapy.  In an out of court settlement, the George Eliot NHS Trust awarded Mr Summers £15,000 in medical negligence.

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