Fairground ride collapses, leaves woman severely injured

Accident claims experts report that one woman was left severely injured in the wake of a collapsing fairground ride at Skegness-based Pleasure Beach resort.

The woman, who was thought to have life-threatening injuries, were rushed to Lincolnshire’s Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, along with a number of other thrill seekers caught in the collapse of the Surf Rider, a popular swing ride at the Bottons theme park.  Personal injury compensation experts say that the swing, which remains in a horizontal orientation whilst it is in operation, may have broken one of its axles bringing the carriage to a halt abruptly and coming to rest in a vertical position instead.

Professional football player, Craig Disley, who plays for the nearby Grimsby Town FC, had been present at the resort when the tragic accident occurred.  Mr Disley spoke to personal injury claims experts regarding the incident, describing how ambulance and fire crews had to rush to the scene to rescue people who had been left to dangle from the ride.

The lion’s share of the twenty people who had been on the swing at the time luckily escaped without suffering serious injuries.  The riders, which were a mix of adults and children as young as twelve years of age, mostly suffered from shock and bruising in the incident.

Theme park owner, Jimmy Botton Jr, remarked that the resort has since been closed while the Government’s Health and Safety Executive conducted an investigation into the incident.  The fairground accident follows on the heels of two others, one at the Chorley based Camelot Theme Park in Lancashire, and one at a Bridlington resort.

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