Hospital admits to medical negligence that left girl paralysed

In a move that could lead to a personal injury compensation claim being filed against its NHS trust, one hospital has admitted to medical negligence that left a teenage girl with paralysis below the waist.

South Wales native Sophie Tyler, of Newport, was admitted to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital three years ago at the age of fourteen for a routine surgical procedure for gallstone removal, according to personal injury claims specialists familiar with the case.  Medical staff administered a spinal epidural anaesthetic in the wake of the successful surgical procedure in order to manage Sophie’s pain, but despite the girl’s complaints of spreading numbness in her feet and legs, hospital staff persisted in administering the highly concentrated doses to the girl.

The epidural, which had remained in place for longer than medically necessary, had caused membrane damage to young Sophie, resulting in her paralysed limbs.

The seventeen year old girl, who will need financial support for the rest of her life due to her disabilities, is hoping that she will receive a full settlement from the courts once her case is heard since the hospital trust has since admitted full liability for the incident.  Sophie, who hopes to one day be able to attend university, is currently studying for her A-levels, though she has been told by her doctors that she will never be able to walk.

One Birmingham Children’s Hospital spokesperson released a statement in apology for the ‘unimaginable distress’ that Sophie has had to suffer due to the negligence of medical staff.  The spokesperson further apologised to the entire family, assuring them that procedures had since been put in place in order to make sure such an incident would not happen to anyone else in the future.

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