Young boy wins £6.6m medical negligence claim

After he suffered catastrophic injuries during his birth that severe brain damage, one seven year old boy has recently won a medical negligence claim and was awarded a personal injury compensation award totaling £6.6 million.

South Wales councils pay out thousands in accident claims

It was recently discovered that South Wales councils have paid out a grand total of £45,000 on personal injury claims brought by pupils that suffered personal injuries in accidents at schools in the region.

Printing company worker badly injures right hand on the job

In an incident that may result in a work accident claim being brought against his employer, one Ipswich printing company worker suffered serious injuries to his right hand from an unguarded stacking machine.

Woman brings medical negligence claim after botched operation

After a botched gall stone operation nearly cost her life, one mother of two who brought a medical negligence claim against hospital staff has been given a £92,000 personal injury compensation award.

Nurse seeks personal injury compensation for burst balloon

After one nurse was left with a temporary loss of sight from a novelty party balloon bursting in her face, the sixty year old woman has brought a personal injury compensation claim against the manufacturers of the product.

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