Cyclist pursuing car accident claim after injuries

After he received a letter from the motorist who was responsible for the RTA that ended in his injury, one severely injured cyclist has decided to pursue a car accident claim for damages.

Classic car enthusiast and cyclist Peter Vaughn, aged sixty three, had his holiday cut short in October of 2010 when he was struck from behind by a car as he was cycling in Dublin to his son’s house.  The motorist failed to stop at the scene of the accident and instead sped off, personal injury compensation experts say.

A neighbour called for an ambulance after discovering Mr Vaughn unconscious by the side of the road with several serious injuries.  He was rushed to hospital for the treatment of multiple fractures of his legs, according to an article published in the Yorkshire Post newspaper.

The cyclist’s injuries were so severe that it was necessary for him to undergo surgical procedures.  In addition to his leg injuries, which have left him wearing a metal frame, he also sustained injuries to his kidney, his shoulder, and his eye in the hit-and-run accident.

Mr Vaughn has begun the long road to recovery from his myriad injuries.  However, the sixty three year old man cannot walk without the aid of crutches, and he has decided to seek compensatory damages for the injuries he sustained in the accident.

The cyclist has stated that any compensation award he may receive from the motorist or their insurance company would go towards the costs of any rehabilitation that he may need in order to regain full mobility in his legs.  No information has been made available regarding how much compensation Mr Vaughn may be entitled to at this time.

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