Nurse seeks personal injury compensation for burst balloon

After one nurse was left with a temporary loss of sight from a novelty party balloon bursting in her face, the sixty year old woman has brought a personal injury compensation claim against the manufacturers of the product.

According to accident claim experts, Alison Fox had visited her local branch of Sainsbury’s and bought several of the novelty illuminated balloons as part of the impending birthday celebrations for her husband.  Unfortunately, as one balloon was being inflated, it burst, sending the battery-operated light pack concealed inside flying into the eyes of Mrs Fox.

Mrs Fox was left with a shaken retina, an abrasion of the cornea, and severe bruising after spending several hours of treatment in the A&E department of the closest hospital.  The sixty year old nurse’s personal injury claims also state that she suffered from severe limitations to her vision for several days following the incident.

Seatriever International, the manufacturers of the balloons, is now facing a compensation claim from the mother of three.  The incident was currently under investigation, according to Seatriever.

Customer service and safety was of extreme importance, said a spokesman for the manufacturing company.  He added insistently that the product was a safe one.

In comments to the media, Mrs Fox stated that she was less interested in the possible compensation damages award than she was in bringing new awareness to the public about the potential risk inherent in illuminated balloons of the type that had resulted in her injuries.

Sainsbury’s, the supermarket giant that carried the illuminated balloons in question, has declined all given opportunities to comment upon the incident and resultant case for personal injury compensation.

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