Manufacturing worker loses arm in horrific work accident

One manufacturing worker recently lost an arm in a horrific work accident that most certainly will result in a personal injury claim being brought against his employer.

The unnamed employee, who has had his identity withheld from the media due to privacy concerns, had been working at a factory on the Oxford Road in Waspeys Wood at the time of the accident.  According to accident claim experts reporting on the incident, the fifty year old worker had been working alongside his supervisor in an attempt to effect repairs to an auger, a machine that resembles nothing more than a gigantic corkscrew.

The experienced fitter continued to work on the machine until his supervisor mistakenly triggered the starting mechanism on the machine.  Unfortunately, the auger’s mechanisms were so powerful the man’s left arm was torn from his body just above the elbow joint, leaving him disabled and in incredible agony.

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the incident, revealing that the two men had neglected to isolate the power supply of the machine whilst they were carrying out repairs on the auger.  It was also discovered that the firm neglected to provide the employee with information relevant to the machine he was working upon, and that there was a serious breach in regards to the safety procedures of the company itself.

The man’s employer, Leicestershire based London Concrete Ltd, of Baron Hall, in Markfield, was brought before Aylesbury Crown Court to face accusations that it had breached the Health and Safety at Work Act.  London Concrete Ltd admitted liability during the hearing, leading to a fine of £16,000 with an additional £9,397 in court costs as well.

In the wake of the hearing, one inspector for the HSE said that even though safety training and procedures look good on paper, that doesn’t mean that accidents can’t occur that may lead to the kinds of horrific injuries that could cause costly personal injury compensation claims.

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