Joiner from Yorkshire awarded £372k in personal injury claim

After one joiner from Yorkshire filed personal injury claims for his asbestos dust exposure during the 1990s, an out of court settlement has been reached that has resulted in £372,000 personal injury compensation award for fifty four year old man.

Stephen Adkin, who resides in the town of Kippax, near Leeds,  received an asbestos related cancer diagnosis in 2010, according to personal injury lawyers familiar with the case.  As a result, Mr Adkin decided to make a personal injury compensation claim against Leeds-based Nova Retail Display Ltd, his former employer.

In a recent interview published in the Yorkshire Evening Post newspaper, Mr Adkin stated that the highly aggressive form of lung cancer with which he had been diagnosed, known as mesothelioma, was a result of being exposed to the deadly microscopic fibres in the late 1990s.  It was then that Mr Adkin’s duties included the transport of of asbestos ceiling and floor tiles at several different shoe shops throughout the region.

After he was diagnosed with the deadly and terminal cancer in May 2010, Mr Adkin, who had been wroking for Nova since 1996, had no choice but to give up his job.  The grandfather and former joiner had originally taken his claim to the London High Court, but in a dramatic, eleventh-hour arrangement, both he and his former employer agreed to an out of court settlement resulting in a £372,000 compensation payment for Mr Adkin.

Upon being notified that the matter had reached an out of court settlment, Judge Shaun Spencer QC remarked that as far as he was concerned the outcome that had been reached was a satisfactory one.

No details were available regarding the nature of  Mr Adkin’s compensation payment in regards to index-linked payments or if it will be delivered in a single lump sum payment.

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