Chef makes personal injury claims, receives six figure award

After he suffered an exposure to highly toxic asbestos fibres whilst working in the kitchen of a restaurant, one Italian pizza chef made personal injury claims against his employer and has recently received a six figure sum in personal injury compensation.

According to accident claims experts, Luigi Pes, aged sixty, was diagnosed with mesothelioma after regularly using a storeroom with an asbestos-lined ceiling and working with pizza ovens that had seals comprised of the deadly material.  Mesothelioma, a particularly aggressive form of lung cancer, has been linked to asbestos exposure and is one of the primary causes, according to medical professionals.

The Salisbury Journal newspaper recently reported that the Wiltshire, Salisbury native had been exposed to the deadly carcinogen whilst he was employed by the La Gondola restaurant in the city as a pizza chef during the 1980s.  Mr Pes was given his mesothelioma diagnosis in February 2008, and as his illness is terminal, he is claiming that it was caused by the environment in which he worked whilst employed by the restaurant.

Married and with two grown children, Mr. Pes said in a newspaper interview that he had not been aware of the highly toxic nature of asbestos at the time of his employment.  However, the sixty year old man now remarks that his former employers should have protected him in a more vigilant manner.

The restaurant, which shuttered its doors in 2005, had changed ownership in 2011.  However, Mr Pes was able to bring suit against the insurers for the restaurant, which resulted in an out of court settlement with a personal injury compensation award that is rumoured to be as much as six figures.

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