Cook falls into curry pot, suffers serious burn injuries

After she fell into an industrial-sized cooking pot that held more than 50kg of boiling hot chicken curry, one female cook suffered serious burn injuries in what could lead to a work accident claim against her employer.

Sudesh Bala, aged forty seven, had been working within the kitchen by herself when the incident occurred, personal injury lawyers recently reported.  Mrs Bala had not been able to attract her co-workers’ attention nor free her self from the immense curry pot for an excruciating ten minutes, which led to her suffering horrendous and debilitating burn injuries across her buttocks, back, and lower body.

Accident claim experts report that Mrs Bala had been rushed to the Broomfield hospital in Chelmsford, where she was admitted to its special burns unit in order undergo extensive skin grafting treatments.  In the wake of her injuries, the forty seven year old woman not only needs to wear a special pair of tights which ensure that her skin does not peel off but also must take very strong painkillers.

Suffering from both extensive mental and physical scarring from the incident, Mrs Bala has not been able to return to work.  Shobha UK Ltd, the woman’s Luton based employers, has gone into liquidation since the incident.  However, thanks to the assistance of a  no win no fee solicitor, the injured woman has been able to seek compensatory damages from the insurers of the catering firm.

According to court documents filed on behalf of Mrs Bala, she claims that, even though she worked for the caterer for ten yers, not even once had she been given any kind of health and safety training whatsoever. Moreover, Mrs Bala also maintains that her former employer neglected to provide her any sort of protective clothing besides a simple and inadequate apron.

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