Tyre manufacture faces accident claim after fatal RTA

After one RTA claimed the life of a young woman, one Japanese tyre manufacturer will be facing an accident claim for their possible role in the accident.

A defective tyre was the reason for the incident that let to the woman’s death, claim the six survivors of the crash of a Mitsubishi Pajero.  Personal injury compensation experts state that the jeep, which seats seven, suffered the blow-out of one of its tyres on the M4 motorway and flipped over several times.

The woman who was killed in the incident had been thrown across the motorway’s central reservation and well into the opposite carriage way, according to Wales Online. Two male passengers who were also ejected from the vehicle survived their ordeal after colliding with a crash barrier, sources say.

The both of the motorway’s carriage ways were closed by police for nearly seven hours as the accident was investigated, according to eyewitness reports.  The investigation resulted in long delays to divert traffic around alternative motorways.

Personal injury lawyers representing the passengers that survived the accident state that a fault in the manufacture of the tyre caused its tread to detach.  This caused the tyre to burst and led to the fatal accident, these legal experts maintain.

However, Japanese firm Toyo Tire and Rubber Co. Ltd, are set to argue that the likelihood of the incident being caused by some sort of ‘external impact’ is high, which would have caused the tread of the tyre to separateare.  Toyo Tire and Rubber lays the blame for the tyre failure at the feet of the driver of the vehicle.

Expected to last more than a week, the hearing will be held at the High Court in London.

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