Cancer sufferer wins £3,000 medical negligence claim

After it was found that hospital staff had neglected to organise appropriate check-ups on the man to monitor the severity of his illness, one cancer sufferer brought a medical negligence claim which resulted in him being awarded £3,000 in personal injury compensation.

According to accident claim experts writing for the South Wales Evening Post newspaper, the man, whose identity has been withheld due to legal and privacy concerns, had been a patient at Camarthen’s  West Wales General Hospital at the time of the incident.  The man, who had received a diagnosis of prostate cancer, should have been scheduled to have a series of check-ups every three months in order to monitor the severity of his condition.

However, the patient was not seen again until a year had elapsed, which led to an unmonitored spread of his ailment.  The man had been lost in the shuffle of paperwork because of a backlog at the urology department, it was reported.

The man’s personal injury claims against the Hywel Dda Health Board were upheld by the courts.  He is now set to receive £3,000  in compensatory damages in the wake of the board admitting they had failed in its administrative services tasks at the hospital.

One Hywel Dda Health Board spokesperson apologised publicly for the failings.  The spokesperson also added that immediate actions had been undertaken that will work to prevent these kinds of mix-ups every happening again in the future.

The unnamed patient, unsure of his future and highly distressed by the incident, stated that he desperately hoped that the treatment for his disease would still be successful even after such a long delay.

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