Middlesbrough grandmother makes £150k accident claim

One grandmother from Middlesbrough has recently brought an accident claim that could result in as much as £150,000 in personal injury compensation being awarded to her after she was nearly killed when a van backed into her, personal injury lawyers writing for the Evening Gazette newspaper recently said.

The newspaper recently reported that Mary Kitching of Nunthorpe, aged eighty one, sustained serious multiple injuries in the incident that led to her personal injury claims. Mrs Kitching suffered fractures to her spine, ribs, hip, and pelvis, which kept her in the James Cook University Hospital of Middlesbrough’s intensive care ward for six weeks.

The grandmother of seven was finally allowed to return home after an additional four months of rehabilitation and treatment at hospital.  However the elderly grandmother still experiences great difficulties performing every day tasks and walking to this day, the newspaper reported.

An undisclosed but ‘substantial’ sum was awarded to Mrs Kitching for compensation from Mr Anthony Robinson, the driver of the van, and Stockton-on-Tees-based Ultralux Window Systems, of Eaglescliffe, the firm who employed him.   North Yorkshire native Mr Robinson, of Leven Road, in Yarm, was given a fine of £340 after he was found guilty of not driving with attention and due care.  He also received a total of nine penalty points on his motoring license.

Mrs Kitching gave a statement after the High Court hearing that led to her compensation award, stating that the monetary damages would make the life of her and her husband just that much easier.  However, Mrs Kitching stated that no amount of cash could ever put things aright to the point where she was prior to the accident.

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