RTA pothole victim claims hazards remain unrepaired

After receiving more than £3,000 in personal injury compensation after he injured himself by stepping on a pothole during an RTA, one pensioner from Essex has gone on record stating that the hazards that tripped him up have yet to be repaired.

Wickford native Terence Wakefield, aged seventy eight, had been visiting the Wickford Market when he trod upon a pothole, tripped, and suffered a fracture in his left wrist as he attempted to break his fall, according to accident claims specialists familiar with the incident.  Mr Wakefield brought his personal injury claims against Basildon Council.

The council admitted that they had a role in Mr Wakefield’s injuries and offered £3,100 in compensation to the man.  However, after a year has gone by, Mr Wakefield was shocked to discover that the potholes, some of which are as deep as three inches, are still untouched at the site of his accident.

In a recent article published by the Echo newspaper, three more other people have begun to sue the council for the injuries they sustained from their own accidents involving the potholes.  Mr Wakefield informed the Echo that the primary reason he had submitted a claim against the Basildon Council was in order to bring attention to the problem, which he had hoped would aid others from suffering the same injuries.

One spokesperson for the Basildon Council remarked that an outside, independent contractor had been hired on to help repair the dangerous potholes.  The spokesman added that the work was expected to be completed sometime in the immediate future.

No information was available at this time in regards to the three additional victims of the potholes in Wickford.

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