Woman wins £4.3m medical negligence case

After contracting meningitis as a child because of a delay in diagnosis, one young woman who filed a medical negligence case is now set to receive £4.3 million in personal injury compensation.

East Yorkshire native Natalie Tuthill, from Brough, had been nearing her first birthday when she fell ill and as admitted to the Hull Royal Infirmary, according to accident claims specialists familiar with the case.  It had taken two full days for the now twenty one year old to be diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, and the delay left no choice but for Natalie to undergo a life saving emergency medical procedure.

Natalie was left with uncontrollable epileptic seizures as a result, and though she has the capability to perform many tasks unaided, her highly vulnerable state means that the likelihood of her ever being able to work is exceedingly slim.

According to an article published in the Yorkshire Post newspaper, Natalie launched a personal injury claim, with the help of her mother Carol, against the Strategic Health Authority for Yorkshire and the Humber.  Natalie’s legal team is arguing that if her illness had been diagnosed earlier, she had been prescribed antibiotic treatments that could have stopped her life changing disabilities from developing.

The Health Authority admitted their responsibility at an early stage of the court proceedings.  As a result, Natalie’s final settlement includes annual, index-linked payments of more than £83,000, plus a £1.75 million lump sum payment, in order to provide for her life long care needs.

Natalie’s family plans to use a portion of the money to afford the purchase of a larger and more accessible home, which will then be adapted specially to provide amenities to Natalie and her special needs.

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