Family of schoolgirl launch personal injury compensation claim

According to accident claim specialists familiar with the case, after one seven year old schoolgirl nearly lost her life in an accident involving a swimming pool, her family has decided to launch a personal injury compensation claim.

The Canvey native, who was not named for legal and privacy reasons, had been enjoying a swimming session in her local pool when an underwater vent sucked up some of her hair, trapping her under the water for more than two and one half minutes before her great grandfather dove into the pool to rescue her, according to personal injury claims experts writing for the Essex Echo newspaper.

The young schoolgirl, who hails from Thundersley, was fished from the pool in an unconscious state, her skin coloured blue.  She was rushed to the Southend Hospital following the incident, where she spent nine hours convalescing in the wake of her ordeal.

Waterside Pool owners and operators Castle Point Council were brought before Basidon Magistrates’ Court, where they were sucessfully prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for their part in the young girl’s injuries.  The council was given an £18,000 fine and was also ordered to pay an additional £7,500 towards court costs after they admitted to failures of their Health and Safety responsibilities.

The family of the injured girl has decided to pursue a compensation claim against Castle Point Council.   The girl’s mother, aged twenty nine, remarked that the likelihood of her daughter ever recovering from her traumatic experience was low, and that it would only be right that she was compensated for this traumatic and life-threatening incident.

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