Work accident claim nets refuse collector £8,520

After excessive noise exposure led to his permanent hearing loss, one Rochdale refuse collector brought a work accident claim against his employer, netting a £8,250 personal injury compensation award.

Middleton native Graham Wild of Aspinall Street, aged fifty, told accident claim specialists that throughout his three decade bin man career, never once was he offered any sort of ear protection. Instead Mr Wild had to suffer through working alongside noisy industrial re-cycling equipment and noisy refuse collection lorries for thirty years.

Discovering that he was suffering from industrial hearing loss in the wake of his attendance at a free hearing examination, Mr Wild also discovered that the constant ringing or buzzing sound within the ear he had been suffering from was actually a moderate case of tinnitus.

In a statement given to the Manchester Evening News newspaper, Mr Wild remarked that he had been incensed with the council for neglecting to point out the potentiality of hearing loss during the course of his employment.  If only Mr Wild had been cautioned, he said, he would have purchased a pair of ear defenders himself.

The hearing loss the experienced bin man now suffers from is permanent, according to his doctors.  The fifty year old, who still works in the refuse collection industry, will now face having to attend regular clinic appointments for the deaf for the remainder of his life.

Mr Wild decided to take legal action against his employers, the Rochdale Council, in order to receive some sort of compensation for his permanent hearing loss.  The council met with Mr Wild, hashing out an out of court settlement with the man for  £8,250 worth of compensatory damages.

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