Construction company fails to secure cladding, injures two

After one construction company failed to secure panelling to a residential building that was undergoing refurbishment, two members of the public suffered the kinds of serious personal injuries that may result in accident claims.

Brendan Flynn Construction Limited appeared before Crawley Magistrates’ Court recently to answer accusations of failing to properly secure cladding panels during the refurbishing of the building.  Brendan Flynn had been sub-contracted to handle a portion of the carpentry work for the building, according to a personal injury compensation expert familiar with the details of this case.

As a result of the firm neglecting to restrain the panels properly, they fell  onto the pavement below and shattered into countless pieces.  One such piece had injured a passing pensioner quite severely – the woman’s foot was nearly severed from her body.

Likewise another falling piece struck the shoulder of second passerby. The man sustained severe bruising from the falling debris, while several cars that had been parked nearby also suffered damage during the incident.

The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the incident shortly after the dust settled.  Investigators found that the firm had been using the wrong kinds of nails in order to secure the cladding.

Brendan Flynn Construction Limited, of Watford Road, in Northwood, received a fine of £8,000 after it admitted to being in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.  The company also needs to pay an ordered £14,760 in court costs as well.

One HSE inspector that spoke after the court hearing remarked that Brendan Flynn had been using a specialised form of paneling, but had neglected to make sure that its employees used the proper fittings for the specialised  paneling.

Experts say that the two injured members of the public may be considering  personal injury claims.

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