Accident claim leads to £10k personal injury compensation

An accident claim brought by a shopper against his local Asda supermarket has led to the man receiving £10,000 in personal injury compensation after he slipped on a grape and fell.

According to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph, one Thomas Wardle brought his personal injury claim against the supermarket giant after he experienced the spill at the firm’s Rivergate store.  While Mr Wardle’s exact injuries were not disclosed to the public, a legal expert told the newspaper that, based upon the size of Mr Wardle’s compensation award, the injury he suffered could very easily related to soft tissue damage to the man’s back.

The Rivergate store’s cleanliness record was brought into question when Asda was ordered to appear at Peterborough County Court for the injury trial.  The supermarket chain was found liable for Mr Wardle’s injuries and was commanded to remit £10,000 worth of compensation to the injured man, sources say.

A spokesperson for Asda’s Rivergate store remarked that the firm had thorough and exacting cleaning procedures set in place. However, the spokesperson did admit that on the particular occasion surrounding Mr Wardle’s slip, these high standards were not sufficiently met by the store’s staff.

Following similar incidents at the same store, Also also issued confirmation that there were two other claims for personal injury compensation currently pending.  The trio of accidents are all understood to have occurred in the early months of 2009, with the two newer claims coming to light scheduled to be heard at court sometime in the immediate future.

Following the results of the trial, neither Mr Wardle nor his legal team have made themselves available for any comment, the newspaper reported.

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