MoJ to report on new low value RTA claim process

Industry experts predict that the likelihood of the Ministry of Justice reporting on the progress of its year old RTA claims process is high.

As more cars end up clogging our nation’s roads, the risk of having to end up submitting a car accident claim to an insurer has risen exponentially.  In order to cope with the increased number of personal injury claims associated with these incidents, the MoJ decided in April of 2010 to introduce a new low value claims process for road traffic accidents with damages between £1,000 and £10,000.

Anticipating that the new process would end up encompassing the lion’s share of claims arising out of road traffic accidents, the MoJ estimated that it would aid in improving the claims process for accident victims by making the system cost effective and more swift.

Industry experts have commented on the success of the new scheme, stating that personal injury lawyers have been submitting large numbers of claims through it.  The new system has been found to be an aid in securing early liability admissions, which then lead to earlier settlement payments for the clients of solicitors.

Adding that matters now get resolved in a far more quick manner than they used to, one expert called the new scheme a breath of fresh air for anyone who had the ill fortune to be involved in an accident in any capacity whatsoever.

The main purpose behind the new process was to expedite claims for injured parties and also reduce the costs associated with such litigation. Insurers had 21 days to acknowledge a car accident claim once they received notification of it under the previous claims process and then 90 days to either admit liability or blame the driver of the vehicle they insured.


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