Paralysed man wins his £5 million car accident claim

After he became paralysed when his car became involved in a RTA with a stolen one, one man has recently won his £5 million car accident claim.

Mark Seabrook, father of two and aged forty nine, sustained serious and life-threatening injuries when his car was struck by the stolen car after it refused to give way at a junction.  Mr Seabrook suffered a myriad of injuries including serious head injuries, lung and chest damage, a broken leg, several fractures to his ribs, and damage to his spinal cord as well, according to personal injury claims specialists.

Mr Seabrook spent six months in hospital while he has being treated for his many injuries.  However the man’s wounds were severe enough to leave him with paralysis and in the confines of a wheelchair.

Having faced charges of aggravated vehicle taking, Watford-native Salliaman Khan of Jellicoe Road, the man behind the wheel of the nicked car, was sentenced to a prison term of eight months.

Mr Seabrook initially made a £5 million claim for personal injury compensation at the High Court.  However during a break in the proceedings the injured man reached a settlement for a damage award whose exact figure that has not been disclosed to the media at this time.

Thought to consist of a substantially significant lump sum in addition to yearly tax free and index linked payments, the confidential settlement will aid Mr Seabrook in helping to pay for the costs in the man’s ongoing care for the rest of his natural life.

No further comments were available from either the claimant or the defendant in the wake of the out-of-court settlement.

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