Surrey businesswoman wins personal injury compensation

One businesswoman and mother of three from Surrey recently won a personal injury compensation claim after suffering from a botched cosmetic surgical procedure.

Godstone native Penny Johnson, aged forty nine, stated in her personal injury claims that she was left with permanent injuries in the wake of her facelift operation.  Mrs Johnson blamed Mr Le Roux Forie, her cosmetic surgeon, for using experimental surgical techniques during the procedure.

In the wake of the surgical procedure, Mrs Johnson sustained nerve damage to the right side of her face, according to her injury claims.  The forty nine year old made the claim that her injuries were responsible for the failure of her IT and financial consultancy that she had been actively running with her husband.

Mr Fourie fully admitted liability for the incident.  However the plastic surgeon denied that any procedures done were experimental, calling the businesswoman’s claim for her potential loss of income both deluded and unrealistic.

Mrs Johnson received a compensation award of just a bit more than £6 million from the High Court in London.  That figure included an £80,000 payment for both the loss of amenity and her pain and suffering, while the remaining figure was to be put towards her potential lost earnings both in the future and in the past.

Mrs Johnson had been a successful businesswoman who had a rewarding and full social life and family before her surgical procedure, the court was told.  However the operation has left its toll upon the woman,  and she now suffers mentally through depression and anxiety.  This is in addition to her continuing physical issues related to the botched surgical procedure, insider sources close to the woman reveal.


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