Welsh woman wins over £4m in personal injury compensation

One south east Wales native recently won in excess of £4 million in personal injury compensation after filing a car accident claim in which she was injured by a drink driver.

Gwent native Rhiannon Millett, of Tredegar, Blaenau, had been just six years old when she was injured in the incident. Ms Millett suffered life changing brain injuries in the accident, according to personal injury claim experts involved with the case.

Now aged twenty one, Ms Millet had been a passenger in a vehicle being operated by the partner of her mother when it became involved in a massive head-on traffic accident with a Land Rover that had been travelling upon the wrong side of the roadway.  Alison Kearney, Ms Millet’s mother, aided Ms Millet in launching her claim against the insurance company of the drink driver after it was revealed that the injuries Ms Millet sustained were so severe that she was left with a permanent disability and with an inability to live independently without the help of others.

The vehicle’s insurers admitted liability at London’s High Court, the insurers admitted liability, leading to Ms Millett to be awarded a damages which would amount to more than £4 million.  Ms Millett will now receive an annual tax free payment of more than £5,000 for the rest of her life in addition to the £1 million initial lump sum payment she will receive as well.

In 1997, shortly after the accident, the driver of the car that collided head-on with Ms Millett’s  was tried and convicted of not only driving whilst over the legal drink drive limit but also of causing death by dangerous driving as well.

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