Engineer makes £750,000 work accident claim

One London engineer who was severely injured on the job when he fell down a lift shaft has recently made a work accident claim against his employer for a total of £750,000 in personal injury compensation.

According to a report in the Hastings Observer newspaper, Thamesmead native George Harrison, aged thirty six, had been working with a colleague in East Sussex replacing a lift at Priory Road’s Halton Heights at the time of the accident.  According to personal injury claim experts, the two workers has been standing upon a temporary platform in order to remove older components of the original lift system when it collapsed, sending both men plummeting down the lift shaft seven metres below them.

Mr Harrison sustained several different injuries in the fall, included multiple fractures to his leg, shoulder, and face.  Additionally the thirty six year old lost six of his teeth.

The injuries to Mr Harrison’s face were so serious that he needed to undergo surgical procedures to insert five metal screws and plates.  In addition he will need reconstructive plastic surgery procedures performed in the future.

In the wake of the incident, he has launched an accident claim against global elevator company Otis, his former employer, for £750,000 in compensation.

According to Health and Safety Executive investigation findings, Mr Harrison and his colleague plummeted to the ground below because the platform they were using had exceeded its maximum one tonne load.

Released by Otis on medical grounds, Mr Harrison has been unable to return to work in the wake of the incident.  Mr Harrison’s legal representation state that the man is now experiencing significant disadvantages in finding a new job.

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