Whiplash claims to increase in coming weeks?

Thousands of Brits got behind the wheel for an Easter day out with their families this month and accident claim experts predict that the number of traffic accident claims to have occurred was high.

Potholes and damage to roadway surfaces caused by extreme winter weather damage were expected to be the main cause behind the recent surge in road accident claims.  Approximately 6.7 people had planned to journey by car in order to reach their UK holiday destinations in the month of April, and one recovery firm stated that with the massive increase in crashes an additional rise in personal injury claims related to those crashes was predicted to occur.

One of the many risks these drivers were considered likely to take would have been ‘car cramming,’ which is trying to fit everything except the kitchen sink into the family sedan for a caravan or camping holiday.  When paired with the aforementioned state of disrepair throughout many of the highways in Britain, the dangers of car cramming could put drivers at serious risk of ending up having to file an accident claim with their insurance provider.

Peter Horton, managing director for recovery firm Britannia Rescue stated that the firm advised that motorists could have done well to have taken a bit of extra time before starting their journey to make sure that their loads were secure, safe, within the maximum permitted weight of their vehicles, and not blocking the driver’s view.

Industry experts agree that the costs incurred to insurance companies by having to pay a rising number of accident claims can lead to increases to average premiums across the UK.  As motor insurance cover is already rapidly rising drivers were urged to do their utmost to prevent unnecessary crashes to protect not only themselves and their loved ones but their bank accounts as well.

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