Injured mother wins medical negligence claim

One injured mother who found herself in a fight for her life after the delivery of her newborn son has recently won personal injury compensation for her claim of medical negligence against her hospital.

Thirty one year old Kelly Sutton had been taken to hospital in 2006 in order to give birth to her new child.  However what should have been one of the most memorably happy days of her life left her in dire straits when doctors who delivered her child via caesarean section neglected to properly close her womb, resulting in a personal injury claim for medical negligence.

Mrs Sutton stated in a recent interview that she had begun to suspect something was amiss when she started to experience serious pains across her stomach and chest.  She then collapsed shortly thereafter and faced a wait of multiple hours before she was taken into a surgical theatre for an emergency procedure.  A different surgeon then discovered that the new mother’s womb had been closed improperly after the delivery of her son.

Mrs Sutton’s claim stated that the doctors who first dealt with the new mother had neglected to spot the error on the part of the initial surgeon.  Mrs Sutton suffered severe blood loss and excruciating pain whilst doctors failed to find the mistake until hours afterwards.

While Mrs Sutton’s life was saved by the second surgical team, the surgeon had no choice but to remove the woman’s womb in order to do so.

After an expert investigation was launched, the NHS Trust for Wolverhampton Hospital admitted that the medical staff at the hospital should not have neglected to notice Mrs Sutton’s continued bleeding.  Since this admission, the family have now won their compensation battle and now hope that the compensation award will enable them to continue to have children through surrogacy in order to provide a younger brother or sister for their now five year old son.

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