Personal injury compensation under £50k available online

Thanks to new developments in the world of accident claims, cases with possible personal injury compensation awards of £50,000 or less can now be initiated online.

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke initially authored the proposal for online injury claims management.  Compliance test company Office Test stated that the framework is in place for online payout management under £50,000.

The proposal has raised concerns among some critics that believe making it both so easy and accessible to file a personal injury claim may result in a proliferation of frivolous lawsuits.  However proponents of the proposal state that as long as each case is grounded in fact there is nothing wrong with increasing the number of cases on a daily basis.

The concern over an increase in claims has not stopped Office Test in marketing their surfaces to businesses in need of some health and safety risk management.  The firm offers a wide selection of services ranging from data and cabling services to fire alarm testing.

As the newly proposed system could lead to Brits having more access in claiming injury compensation for their accidents, this increases the pressure on companies to keep their workplace health and safety standards high enough to prevent accidents from occurring.  This can compel firms to prioritise proper safety practices at work.

The past few years has seen the number of personal injury claims in the UK rise steadily.  Many different factors contribute to this increase such as increased accessibility in regards to online customers.

There are more who have expressed even less hesitation in fighting for their day in court in the wake of these new regulatory decisions by the Justice Secretary.  In light of the recent poposal, anticipations are high that there will be more personal injury claims filed and in the immediate future.

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