Injured toddler wins his car accident claim

After sustaining serious injuries when he was run over on a pedestrian crossing, one toddler recently won his car accident claim and received damages totaling £14,000.

Merseyside native Liam Brickell had been just three years old when he was struck by a disqualified and uninsured driver.  The young boy, who lives in New Ferry, Wirral, had been crossing the road close to his home whilst in the company of his mother Nicola Watkins when the incident that led to his personal injury claim occurred.

Both Liam and his mother had been walking hand in hand as they crossed the street wen a Vauxhall Cavalier ran a red light and collided with the three year old.  The vehicle was found in a nearby street after the motorist drove off without stopping at the scene of the accident.

Liam sustained serious injuries to his head and internal organs in the motor accident.  He was rushed to Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral where he was treated at its high dependency unit.

Liam’s family members are currently considering the use of a portion of his personal injury compensation award to fund cosmetic surgery for the child in order to correct the permanent scarring he suffered at the hands of the reckless driver.

Liam’s mother remarked that the family planned to wait for his son to reach an age to make the decision on his own whether to pursue surgical procedures in order to cover the scars.

The Vauxhall Cavalier’s driver was sentenced to a jail term of two years by the presiding judge in the case.  The court justice also banned the unnamed male driver from getting behind the wheel for five years.

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