Parishioner files £30k personal injury claim against her church

After she slipped on a home made door mat whilst preparing floral arrangements for a Sunday service, one parishioner has filed an accident claim against her church for £30,000 in personal injury compensation.

Margaret Graham, aged seventy eight, had been preparing a flower arrangement at St Adamnan’s Episcopal Church at the time she sustained the injuries that led her to file the personal injury claim.  While she was returning from dropping off cuttings onto a compost heap, she tripped over the doormat at the front door to the building

Mrs Graham suffered damaged tendons and a dislocated shoulder from her fall. She was rushed to hospital where she had to be given strong pain killer medication in order to place her shoulder joint back into its proper position.

Despite several months of surgery following a surgical procedure, the seventy eight year old pensioner states that she has been disabled in the wake of the incident.  Moreover she has been suffering from depression as a result of her injuries and will be bringing legal action against both the church and its landowner for £30,000 in damages.

Mrs Graham’s claim is centred upon the fact that the makeshift mat, which was just cut off from a larger section of carpet, was an accident waiting to happen since it did not fit the step at the front door of the church properly.

However both the church and the landowner have stated their intentions of fighting the case.  They state that Mrs Graham played a significant role in contributing to her injuries due to her own fault and negligence.

No further information was available at this time in regards to a possible court date for the legal proceeding.

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