Slip and fall accident claim could lead to £100k payout

One slip and fall accident claim could lead to a £100,000 personal injury compensation award after a night club reveller injured herself on a wet dance floor at a night club.

Angela Spalding, aged forty, had been at the Love2Love night club enjoying an evening out with some friends when she slipped and fell, fracturing her wrist badly enough to warrant a surgical procedure to repair the damage.  Ms Spalding’s personal injury claims include suffering ongoing pain from her injuries despite undergoing extensive treatments for physiotherapy.  Ms Spalding also claims that the pain has also let to anxiety attacks and depression.

She has now decided to sue night club owners CFG Leisure Group for damages totaling £100,000.  She claims that the company was negligent in its duty of care to keep the floor of the night club safe.

However the CFG Leisure Group has stated that they will defend against Ms Spalding’s accusations.  Claiming that not only was her lack of reasonable care for her own safety a contributing factor to her injuries, the night club owners claim, they state that they cannot be held responsible for Ms Spalding as she was responsible for her own actions.

Previously trading as the 3D Enteratinment Group before going into voluntary liquidation nearly two years ago, London-based CFG Leisure Group has neither been wound up or dissolved.  This has allowed Ms Spalding to seek compensation for her injuries against the firm.

The case is due to be heard on 6 June of this year.  When given an opportunity to comment on the particulars of her case to the media, Ms Spalding declined to do so.

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